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Our Projects

PEC works with a wide variety of energy users, with a range of end goals. 

Learn about some of our past projects below, and get in touch to see what we can do for you.

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Sustainable Energy Pathways for Otago Schools

PEC is leading the technical side of the Sustainable Energy Pathways for Otago Schools programme. This is an ongoing collaboration between The University of Otago, the Ministry of Education, Mark Mason of Performance, Energy & amp; Control Ltd (PEC) and Enviroschools. This programme is supported by multiple councils and community stakeholders. 

PEC and the University of Otago’s Energy Studies department are gathering and evaluating complete baseline energy data of all Otago schools. This data will be used to develop region-wide strategies for transitioning to more sustainable forms of energy and working toward lower carbon emissions.

This project involves the development of holistic plans, which address existing energy usage and indoor air quality issues. Reviewing the school’s energy needs, changing energy systems, and visualization of data is creating real-life energy learning opportunities for students.

Energy and Carbon Management across complex portfolios

PEC staff previously halved the carbon intensity for one of New Zealand’s largest and most complex energy users, while improving services and reduced running costs more than 20%. 

Customised energy management programmes were successfully trialled and proven to drastically reduce remaining energy and other emissions. 

The most significant energy issues and carbon saving opportunities in New Zealand’s context often are related to:

  • Improving occupant comfort and indoor air quality. 

  • Improving heating, ventilation and air-conditioning methods. 

  • Switching to desirable heating systems. 

  • Load control of electricity and heat energy. 

  • Rethinking the fundamentals of buildings or energy intensive processes.

  • Integrating systems and improving data management. 

  • Combining operational issues, building science, energy management and asset management. 

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Load Management

The introduction of smart load management for a large tertiary institution led PEC to reduce the client’s costs dramatically without impacting their operation. 

Line charges can make up to 60% of an electricity bill and significant savings can be achieved by smartly controlling load and utilizing existing or introducing new equipment. PEC will find the most suitable way for you from design to implementation using your existing assets or introducing new equipment to reduce your operational costs. Not only did we arrange automatic load control using real smart and programmable meters and linked them to the Building Management System, but we also prepared this institution to sign up for markets, which created income. Generators for example should never be used just for emergencies, using them during certain times in winter will reduce lines costs. Using them on behalf of the national grid operator creates income for your business. In addition, you maintain the health of your generators by using them regularly. PEC uses IoT technology to gather data when access to this information is not easily available in order to find the most suitable solution for your purposes PEC can evaluate the benefits of cogeneration, solar or battery storage for your business

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